Vegetable Seed Production


Many people have contributed to the development of this course. I greatly appreciate being invited to work on the NSSDEP by Jack Fenwick and Loren Weiser. I would also like to thank Miller McDonald and Mark Bennett of The Ohio State University for sharing images of vegetable seeds and information about vegetable seed production. I would like to thank Kent J. Bradford from UC Davis for sharing his pictures of vegetable seed production and for teaching me about this subject when I was his student and teaching assistant. I also wish to thank Dennis Tekrony from the University of Kentucky for sharing his Powerpoint presentations on seed production from his successful seed production class. We thank Tim Loeffler and his colleagues at Seminis seed company for providing pictures of vegetable seed production and allowing me to record videos of seed production fields.

I also would like to thank Pris Sears for helping develop this website, Maura Wood for her administrative assistance, and Alice Mweetwa for reviewing the course materials and website. Finally we acknowledge the financial support of the USDA Higher Education Challenge Grants Program and Regional Research Project W-1168.

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