Vegetable Seed Production
Family: Chenopodiaceae

Beet :: Spinach

Common Name: Beet
Scientific Name: Beta vulgaris (Crassa group)
Family: Chenopodiaceae

Beet Introduction & History

Beets are a cool season frost tolerant biennial. After vernalization, usually during the second year of growth, the stem elongates forming a flower stem.

Beets are an old world crop with many wild forms growing in Mediterranean areas of Europe and Northern Africa. Apparently these wild forms moved eastward to Asia Minor and the Caucasus. Beets were known to the Romans in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, but chard was apparently of later origin and was not eaten as a vegetable until the 13th century. Colonists introduced beets and chard to the new world.

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Common Name: Spinach
Scientific Name: Spinacia oleracea
Family: Chenopodiaceae

Spinach Introduction & History

Spinach is native to Iran (Persia) and adjacent areas in the Middle East. It was unknown to the Greeks and Romans, but probably was transported to other areas of Asia-Minor during the time of Christ. Spinach is also mentioned in Chinese literature about 650 AD. Spinach reached Spain via the Moors about 1100 AD and was brought to America by early colonists.

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